Our History

Let’s travel back in time and imagine this 100-year-old mansion once was a vacation home, a physician’s practice, a refinery clubhouse, but most of all a loving family home.

Our story starts in 1916 when a then famous architect, Adriaan Laclé, decides to build a “cunucu style” house for weekends and vacation and names it after his daughter, Maria Del Carmen. 

Not knowing that soon this small island with only few inhabitants was to become an important player in the oil industry of that time and would grow rapidly in population. Mid-twenties the Eagle refinery at Eagle Beach was established and a comprehensive hospital and recuperation home was required for the personnel. For this reason, they acquired Quinta Del Carmen, and the surrounding land, Bubali.

Doctor Cameron arrived and Quinta Del Carmen became the doctor’s residence. When he arrived, he brought his elderly mother, for whom the guest quarters (in which we have the restrooms now), was built.

 On the grounds wooden barracks were built for treating patients and letting them stay overnight. As these were established, the nurses moved in Quinta Del Carmen, and the doctor moved to a new home 100 meters north of the house. When the world war began, the refinery, and thus the hospital, was put on hold. Quinta Del Carmen became the “clubhouse” for the few staff that stayed behind. A 9-hole golf course was created for the enjoyment and relaxation of the staff.

Quinta del Carmen and some of the surrounding houses are the only permanent fixtures that still recall this almost forgotten chapter of Aruban history, the Eagle refinery. Though it was maintained badly and fell into total disrepair.

 Until A Dutch couple ventured out and turned this discarded house into a home. This was in the fifties and materials had to be brought in from surrounding islands. The indoors staircase was added, as well as the checkered flooring. It then became a private home for many years, and was kept as most possible in the original architecture by the owners who lived there. 

In 2014, Luc and Gerco, owners of Barefoot Restaurant, noticed a “For Sale” sign in the front yard of this magnificent house. Wouldn’t it make a lovely restaurant!

 December 10th 2014 “Restaurant Quinta del Carmen” opened its doors. Become part of our rich history and enjoy your night at Quinta del Carmen, one of Aruba’s few and unique landmarks!

Open 7 days a week, from 5 to 10 pm. 

Reservations can be made online or at  [email protected], or by phone on +297 5877200

We are looking forward to welcoming you, and make it a great evening in our beautiful gardens.