A la carte


From US $14- $19

Duo Of Tuna

Delightful combination of tuna tartar & tuna tataki (lightly peppered and seared sushi grade tuna), served with soy sauce.

Carpaccio & Truffle

Marinated raw beef tenderloin, topped with truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts, gourmet lettuce and crispy Parmigiano Reggiano.


Seafood mix “cooked” in lime and lemon juice with red onions and cilantro.

Scallops “Au Gratin”

Scallops under a crust of Béchamel sauce and Old Amsterdam cheese.

Crispy Shrimp

Lightly battered shrimp, drizzled with a spicy sauce, served with romaine and pineapple tossed with an orange soy dressing.

Grandma’s Favorites

Cheese Croquettes

Mixed cheese croquettes, served with a raspberry coulis and a summer salad with grapes and nuts

Escargots & Mushrooms

Escargots & mushrooms, sautéed in a garlic herb butter sauce.


From US $14- $19

Watermelon Delight

Tropical surprise of watermelon, cucumber, tomato, mint, olives and marinated onion, topped with feta cheese.

Goat Cheese Creation

Goat cheese blended with honey, walnuts, and apple, warm on a crouton, served over a medley of baby lettuce complemented by a blackberry sauce.

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, garlic croutons, and grated parmesan cheese, topped with anchovies on request.

Carmen’s Blue Cheese Salad

Gourmet lettuce topped with apple, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese, topped with a crispy slice of prosciutto.

Red Beets & Goat Cheese

Red beets marinated in orange juice, drizzled with a goat cheese-orange dressing, finished with crumbled goat cheese and walnuts.


US $11

Grandmother’s Chicken Soup

Homemade chicken soup, in a clear broth, served with vegetables and noodles.

Corn Clam Chowder

Creamy corn chowder, filled with pieces of clams.

Onion Soup

Onion soup, finished with a crouton topped with melted cheese.

Seafood Mains

From US $25 - $54

Grouper, Mushroom & Truffle

Grouper filet served on a bed of pasta prepared in truffle oil, topped with a duxelles of local mushrooms and our famous creamy truffle sauce.


Filet of Barramundi, finished with a lemon basil sauce.

Asian Tuna

Tuna served on a bed of Asian stir-fried noodles in a ginger teriyaki sauce.

Shrimp Piña Colada

Stir fried shrimp with pieces of pineapple, complemented by a light spicy coconut-pineapple sauce.

Stuffed Lobster Shell

Lobster shell stuffed with chunks of lobster and shrimp, accompanied by a garlic-shrimp sauce.

Quinta’s Seafood Paella

Our version of the Spanish classic, fresh Seafood medley, cooked and served with dry saffron rice, topped with jumbo shrimp, clams, and mussels.

Scandinavian Salmon

Herb crusted Scandinavian Salmon, finished with a Champagne saffron sauce.

Grandma’s Favorites

Grouper, Shrimp & Salmon

Filet of grouper, topped with shrimp, smoked salmon, and goat cheese, finished with a white wine herb sauce.

Red Snapper & Brie

Locally caught red snapper filet, topped with Brie cheese, complemented by a creamy white wine sauce.

Meat Mains

From US $25 - $54

Tenderloin & Blue Cheese

Angus tenderloin “au gratin” with blue cheese, served with sautéed garlic mushrooms, complemented by a Madeira au jus.

Skirt Steak A La Parrilla

Grilled skirt steak, marinated for hours, topped with BBQ sauce.

Rib Eye & Chimichurri

Heart of rib eye (Angus) served with a homemade chimichurri.

Italian Chicken Au Gratin

Chicken breast topped with tomato, pesto sauce, au gratin with mozzarella.

Stuffed Chicken

Bacon wrapped chicken breast filled with spinach and boursin herb cheese, complemented by a light creamy garlic sauce.

Grandma’s Favorites

Sucade Lappen (Draadjesvlees)

A traditional Dutch dish, similar to an iron steak, stewed for hours in red wine and herbs and spices, served in its own gravy, Fantastic!

Skewered Surf & Turf

Skewered Black Angus beef tips and jumbo shrimp, complemented with red wine and garlic sauces.                                 

Vegan and Vegetarian

From US $25 - $54

Stuffed Bell Pepper (Vegetarian)

Red bell pepper, stuffed with creamed sautéed mixed vegetables, au gratin with feta cheese.

Asian Mushrooms (Vegan)

Local mushrooms filled with Asian vegetables, served with teriyaki sauce.

Oven Grilled Zucchini (Vegetarian)

Vegetable-filled zucchini served with truffle flavors, au gratin with parmesan.


US $11

Nutella Cheese Cake

Homemade cheesecake with Nutella, served with hazelnut ice cream.

Apple Pie A La Mode

Warm Dutch apple pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Mousse

Belgian chocolate mousse, complemented by an orange vanilla sauce.

Fruit Salad

Chef’s selection of seasonal fruit, served with lemon sorbet.

Joanne’s Nutty Irishman

Two scoops of hazelnut ice cream, smothered in Baileys.

Mocca Crème Brulée

Mocca infused custard, under a crust of crispy caramel.

Nuts Four Brownie

Double chocolate brownie blended with caramelized pecans, walnuts, almonds and cashews, and as if it needs something else, it is served with vanilla ice cream.

Grandma’s Favorites

Pineapple Carpaccio

Thinly sliced pineapple, marinated in honey and cinnamon, served with a generous scoop of pineapple sorbet.

Stroopwafel Parfait

Parfait of the famous stroopwafels on a swirl of caramel, fabulous!                   

Chocolate Martini

Liquid dessert at its best!


Coffee & Company

Coffee, Tea, Espresso.

Double Espresso.

Cappuccino, Café Latte

All can be served decaffeinated.

Special Coffees

Irish, Italian, Spanish, French, or Napoleon Coffee (with Remy Martin).

Kiss of Fire

With Grand Marnier & Kahlúa.

Nutty Irishman

With Frangelico & Bailey’s.

Café Quinta

With Absolut Vanilia & Kahlúa.

Keoke Coffee

With Kahlúa, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate and cognac.


Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Liquor 43, Baileys, Kahlúa, Sambuca (silver & black), Limoncello, Tia Maria, Frangelico, Cointreau, and others we forgot to mention…

VG&B (from our friends at Barefoot)

Van Gogh double espresso vodka and Baileys served over ice.

Remy Martin VSOP

Remy Martin XO

Ask for our extensive collection of Single Malt Whisky, aged Rum, and premium Tequila